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Salmon, or, as it is more correctly called, Atlantic salmon, is one of the most valuable commercial fish species. Distributed in the northern part of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, found in the Azov, Black, Aral and Barents seas. It enters fresh water bodies to spawn (for example, the Siberian rivers Ob, Angara and Lena), and lives there from the moment of hatching from eggs to five years. Feeds on small fish. It reaches a length of up to 1.5 meters, weight - up to 43 kg. The body is elongated, laterally compressed, the scales are small, silvery, round in shape with a jagged edge. Atlantic salmon is listed in the Red Book. You can see artificially bred fish on the shelves. It is grown in special fish farms.
Salmon meat and caviar have high nutritional and taste value and are considered delicacies. The meat is pale pink in color and has a mild, slightly sweet taste.
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